Everything in the Studio

Artists are often asked what supplies they use. Being that I’ve collected a vast number of different media for my various artistic endeavors, I figured I was overdue to create a list of everything I own for creating one piece or another.

I have decided to forgo listing individual colors of things like paint, for the reason that colors are a preferential thing and not something that will likely be beneficial to other artists (at least for this list). I will be making brand notes where I feel it is appropriate, but not ever supply needs to be brand specific. Certain supplies like graphite and charcoal are pretty hard to mess up, so cheaper brands are usually acceptable. Additionally just because a supply is listed doesn’t mean that it gets regular use. Many of my supplies sit for months or even years before I have a project that can utilize them properly. Additional this list is not in any particular order. I simply stood in the studio and looked around. That being said, here’s my complete list:

Painting Media

·         Acrylic Heavy Body Paint (Golden, Liqutex, & Utrecht)

·         Acrylic Paint Mediums and Gels (Golden & Utrecht)

·         Golden Acrylic High Flow (1 bottle)

·         Water mixable Oils

·         1 Tube Gamblin Oil Paint

·         Liqutex Acrylic Inks

·         Acryla Gouache

·         Tube and Cake Watercolors (Tubes preferred)

·         QoR Synthetic Ox Gal

·         Masking Fluid

·         Black Gesso

·         White Medium Body Gesso

·         Gesso Brush

·         Paint Brushes (Flat, Round, Filbert, Fan, Liner, as primaries. Mostly synthetic bristles)

·         Glass Mixing Palettes

·         Painting Knives

·         Powdered Tempra

·         Bottled Tempra (Wet)

·         Spray Paint (Liqutex Professional Prefered)

·         Spare Spray Caps

·         Metallic Silver Spray Paint

·         Gloss Clear Coat (Valspar)

·         Cap Cleaner


Drawing Media

·         Liqutex Acrylic Ink (listed twice because they work for both)

·         Oil Pastels

·         Soft (Chalk) Pastels (Rembrandt & Blick Preferred)

·         Crayola Anti-Dust Chalk (Yellow)

·         India Ink (Speedball or Higgins)

·         Speedball Block Printing Ink

·         Drawing Pens (Micron, Prismacolor, Uniball, Pentel, Faber-Castell)

·         Sharpie Markers

·         Colored Pencils (Prismacolor Premiere Preferred)

o   White Prismacolor (single pencils used outside of full set)

·         Graphite Pencils (Wood & Woodless)

o   Ebony Pencils

·         Charcoal (Vine, Pencils & Compressed)

·         White Charcoal

·         Erasers (White/Plastic/Vinyl, Kneaded, Art Gum)

·         Blending Stumps

·         Tortillion

·         Feathers

·         Wood Drawing Stylus

·         Brayer (Rolly thing for block prints)

·         Compass

·         Circle Template

·         Chamois Cloth

·         Workable Fixative

·         Tacky Spray Glue


Papers and Supports

·         Canvas (Pre-stretched, Un-stretched/unprimed & Stretcher bars)

·         Wood

·         Cardboard

·         Sheet Metal

·         Illustration Board

·         Sketch Paper (White and Brown Toned, Canson Preferred)

·         Drawing Paper

·         Bristol Paper

·         Newsprint

·         Mixed Media Paper (Canson)

·         Light Drawing Paper/Tracing Paper

·         Black Drawing Paper

·         Dura-Lar Plastic Film

·         Watercolor Paper

·         Pastel Paper

·         High Gloss and Semi-Gloss Printing Paper

·         Sticker Paper


Hardware, Tools, and Misc.

·         Air Dry Clay

·         Sidewalk Chalk

·         Plastic Bags (for covering palettes)

·         Tool Box (For travel with painting supplies)

·         Bubble Wrap

·         Metal Stylus

·         Putty Knife

·         Picture Wire

·         Sawtooth Hooks

·         S Hooks

·         Screw Eyes

·         L Pins

·         Box Tape

·         Masking Tape

·         Duct Tape

·         Frog Tape

·         Needle Nose Pliers

·         Compressed Air

·         70% Isopropyl Alcohol

·         Wood Burner

·         Wood Carving Knives

·         Manual Hand Drill

·         Sandpaper

·         Staple Gun (& spare staples)

·         Box Cutter (& spare blades)

·         Rulers (listed here due to multiple uses outside of drawing)

·         Table Brush

·         Kleenex

·         Paper Towels

·         Glass Jars and Water basins

·         PVC Pipe, Bricks, Bolt, and Wing nut (live stream rig)

·         Paper Cutter

·         X-Acto Knife (for small paper cuts +spare blades)

·         Spotlight

·         Travel Telescoping Easel

·         A Frame Wood Easel

·         Nomad Art Satchel

·         Work Table

·         Stool

·         Mat Knife and Bevel Cutter

·         Rags

·         Backpack

·         Old Paintings



·         Surface Pro 3

·         HP Pavilion Laptop

·         Performance Custom Build Desktop (Not in studio, but used for video and art)

·         Canon XA 10 Camcorder (+Microphone, lenses, and filter accessories)

·         Sony Handycam SR-68 Camcorder (Old camera shoots 480p)

·         3 Tripods

·         12” LCD Monitor (VGA connection 2004 era)

·         Microsoft Lifecam (Webcam)

·         AA Batteries

·         Old Drawing Tablet (Wacom Graphire4, new Intuos Pro used with desktop)

·         Photo Camera


I’m sure I’ve forgotten at least one or two things, so this list of course is always growing and ongoing. I want to make note that I did not create this list to brag. Far from it in fact. The point of this list is to show my working set of tools. If you have seen my videos you will know that much of this list goes untouched, so it’s not really about the “stuff” that any of us have but instead about how we make use of it. I’ve also been painting for over 16 years and have built up a this set out of my own purchases, gifts, and donations that have been made to me from friends over the years. I hope this list inspires you rather than intimidates you, and gets you excited to try out new materials!