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Back to the Drawing Board 1st Edition
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Video Links
Tutorials and other YouTube content to teach and inspire your art.

Painting and Drawing Tutorials - My personal video lessons based on my own style and processes.

Color Theory - An ever growing playlist of tutorials focused on mixing paint and creating more complex colors

Everything You Need To Know About... - Condenced art tutorials about different media. From graphite to acrylics and everywhere in between.

Time Lapse Paintings - Hours of painting becomes a 3-5 minute video. Great for getting inspiration!

Painting Process Videos - PPV's show how a piece is created. Unlike a time lapse it's not just about brush to canvas, but about mixing paint too!

Cinder Block Studios Live - A series of live shows focusing on specific (hot) topics in art and concentrated areas of advice.

Artist Interviews - Interviewing unique professional artists and their journey from childhood into what makes them an artist today.

Music to Paint by - A selection of some of my favorite tracks to get me motivated to paint. Find something new, jump up, and paint!


Free stuff to jump start your creative process

Creative Commons Music Pack: (External Download)

Photoshop Brush Set 1: "Real Paintbrushes" 

Photoshop Brush Set 2: "Real Palette Knives

Photoshop Brush Set 3: "Real Splatters"

Photoshop Brush Set 4: "Real Paintbrushes 2"

Recommended Resources
From supplies to other artists' videos. These are the sources I recommend.

Art Supplies: Utrecht Art Supplies (US)

Artist (Digital Environment Design): Noah Bradley

Artist (Digital Concept Art/Illustration/Character Design): Chris Oatley

Artist (Digital Concept Art): Sycra

Artist (Digital Design): Scott Robertson

Artist (Acrylic Painting): Tim Gagnon

Artist (Watercolor Painting): Steve Mitchell Design (Mind of Watercolor)

Digital Drawing Tablets: Wacom

Digital Drawing/Painting Software (Free): Krita, Medibang Paint Pro

Digital Drawing/Painting Software (Paid): Photoshop Elements, Paintstorm Studio, Sketchbook Pro

Digital Tutorials: Photoshop Fundamentals

Graphite Tutorials: Landscape Drawing

 Still Life 2015 (From the free eBook)

Still Life 2015 (From the free eBook)