Born, raised, and currently living just north of Pittsburgh, PA, Ben Yockel’s work is influenced by 19th century realism and inspired by his fellow contemporaries in the movie and video game industries (ie. Concept Art). Entering the public art market in 2012 Yockel is primarily self taught, finding most of his growth while attending college for Theology and Philosophy. With the use of bright vibrant colors, contrasting values, and adventurous imagery, Yockel finds that each piece should tell a unique story allowing the viewer to be transported to a new world. He believes that everyone will see something different in a piece of art, and feels his work is not different in this respect. However, creating work that inspires others is the challenge he sees in making something new. He also takes great pride in teaching art to aspiring artists via. Youtube.

Yockel is a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists Guild, a member of the Red Fish Bowl (A collection of Pittsburgh area artists), and his work can be seen around the city of Pittsburgh as well as online (see links page for social media links).

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Any piece sold by the artist via. online or private sale is the responsibility ofthe recipient. Any damage, loss, or theft post sale is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Digital Reproduction of any piece sold is retained by Ben Yockel and Cinder Block Studios for reprint, redistribution, and resale.