I don't know who you are...Sorry.

So in looking back across the blog page here on the site I realized I haven't posted anything in nearly a year. Well, here's a post from another account of mine elsewhere from a few months ago, that I had forgotten about:

Like most of my posts, today I just want to get something off of my chest. While I was at a recent art show I ran into a number of my fellow artists, and as always we begin to talk about our ventures in the art world. One such friend (which will go nameless for various reasons) expressed to me the awkward displeasure of having someone recognize you, without you the artist knowing who they are. This I find to be a common problem among artists as well as any other public figure. In fact, I was reminded of my time in Catholic Seminary, when parishioners would know who I was without me knowing who they are.  

From the artist’s perspective, we are meeting fans and patrons of our work. Based on the artist, this may be easier, or harder, for some to remember a name or face. Either way though... they know you, but you don’t know them.

For me, this happens a lot online as well. While I may enjoy the conversations with many aspiring artists, there are very few of them who I will remember by name. On DeviantArt I’m lucky enough to recognize a user’s avatars, instead of their username. Youtube is just the same. I am of course operating on my best intentions, but sometimes I lose track of everyone.

So my point for today, is really a concern that I do wish more fans and patrons of the arts would recognize. Put simply, it’s that we (as artists) meet a lot of people, and can’t be expected to remember everyone. While it is very easy for a single person or a group to know one person, it is much harder for a single person to know all the members of a group. In regards to my seminary days...a church of people, will know a priest, deacon, or seminarian by name, but that person won’t know the names of 500+ people.

In general, I ask that you don’t hold the artist accountable for knowing your name, wanting to be friends, or treating you with anything more than awkward respect they already give you. Please, it’s hard enough already.